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Speciality Shampoo Treatments

Velvet Touch Pet Salon offers high-quality speciality shampoo options.

Speciality Shampoo Services

Simple Shed Shampoos

A special formula that gently releases loose hair & undercoat while removing dirt & oils. It also strengthens the hair shaft to help create the very best coat condition possible.

Speciality Shampoo Services

Silky Show Shampoo

This luxurious shampoo uses water soluble Silk Proteins to easily absorb into the hair & skin. It moisturizes dry, brittle coats & improves texture, shine & manageability & leaves the skin silky smooth.

Speciality Shampoo Services

Citrus Plus Shampoo

This effective all natural flea-treatment contains ingredients such as Tea Tree Oil, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Herbal Oils as well as other precious, skin-loving oils. The result is a deeply cleaned, flea-free coat with optimum body & beautiful shine.

Speciality Shampoo Services

Rich Milk & Honey Conditioning Shampoo

A luxurious, deep-conditioning milk bath that contains natural milk products & pure bee honey (recommended for medium & long coat breeds).

Speciality Shampoo Services

Flea & Tick Shampoo

This treatment contains premium insecticidal ingredients that are immediately effective against fleas, ticks & lice.

Speciality Shampoo Services

Extreme Deodorizing Treatment

A very effective bath that safely eliminates & completely absorbs the most unpleasant pet odors (including skunk) while it moisturizes & conditions the skin & coat.

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