Deep Conditioning Treatments

Velvet Touch Pet Salon offers high-quality deep conditioning treatments.

Deep Conditioning Treatments

Deep Conditioning Treatments

Silky Show Conditioner

A special formula that gently releases loose hair & undercoat while removing dirt & oils. It also strengthens the hair shaft to help create the very best coat condition possible.

Deep Conditioning Treatments

Rainforest Deep Moisture Conditioner

A rich, moisture-drenched treatment that promotes optimum coat health, beauty & shine.

Deep Conditioning Treatments

The Luxury Remoisturizer

This treatment deeply penetrates the hair shaft & revitalizes the skin & coat.

Deep Conditioning Treatments

Plum-Perfect Cream Rinse

A soothing conditioning rinse with a fresh, fruity fragrance - adds moisture & eases combing.

Velvet Touch Pet Salon

Google 5 Star Reviews

We take great pride in delivering high-quality services for our clients. Below are 5 Star Reviews from Google.

"Big and little dogs, and cats. They do it all.  Always great work!"

Bethany Halperin, Google

"Wonderful place to bring your dog. The technicians are always friendly and eager to see your pet. The best place for nail maintenance!"

Michelle Schmitz, Google

"Our dog is scared to death when it comes to trim his nails. Sarah at velvet touch handled both him and me wonderfully! She gave me advice how to prepare my dog and groomed my dog to perfection."

Joe, Google

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